Born Cardiff Wales 1957
A professional painter for over ten years, my approach is close to that of the "Impressionists! My belief is that a painting should never be a slavish copy of the real world but more a constant search for the abstract in the "everyday". Economy of brushwork is paramount! I will use many implements as paintings aids along with the more traditional brush to achieve my desired affect. As already stated, my main influences are the 19th century impressionists but more recently artists such as G John Blockley. Watercolour, acrylic and mixed media make up the majority of my work. Experimentation is key!
In my images I try to pull my viewer in to ask his or her own questions and then hopefully, in return, the viewer can find their own meaning. My subject matter usually depicts real places and local scenes but I am not averse to abstract.
Mostly self taught, my desire to become a professional artist (painter) has been a life long ambition. A landscape designer for most of my working life and many short art courses attended at Cardiff Art College I decided to take the plunge and go full time in 2009.